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We pride ourselves for providing the most competitive cash for car buyers

Cash4Car Services is the best cash for cars located offering top cash for old cars that may include junk cars, unwanted cars, scrap cars, used cars, or damaged cars. We accepting all kinds of vehicles and makes from multiple vendors.

We accept all vehicles whether it’s working or not. To know how your old cars performing against our cash for cars model just give a call to our executives. We buy heavyweight buses, trucks, and 4*4 vehicles at your doorstep.

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  • Worn Out Cars for Cash

  • 4WD Wrecking

  • Trucks Wrecking

  • Old Buses Removal
  • Accident Cars Removal
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Get more cash for your unwanted cars with us in a simple three-step process.

  1. Give a request to our executive for a free visit to your garage.
  2. Evaluate your scrap cars based on your vehicle condition, model, and make.
  3. Once you accept the deal we pay the spot cash to you and tow your old vehicle free of cost.

Why do you need to sell your old cars to Cash4Car Services

As a leading cash for cars, we pay more cash than our competitors against your old vehicle. We won’t charge you for towing the vehicle from your car garage. As premium cash for cars, satisfying customers is our main aim in this field of scrap for cash cars. We offer 24/7 pickup.

Why do you need to sell your old cars?

Your cars begin to age or damage to the unnatural accidents, your cars will be not perfect for a drive with your official and family trips. The old car will occupy the larger space in your car garage, and hesitate to park your new vehicle. If you are keeping your unwanted or damaged cars long in your home, the vehicle selling value will decrease moth after a month.

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Have a Damaged Vehicle? We’ll make it right.

We specialise in appraising accident damage to vehicles. Find your competitive cash estimates today.

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Thinks to consider when selling your old cars?

You need to consider a lot of things and keep in mind to sell your old cars. Is that value worth for our old cars, is they have any hidden charges, how we need to be spent to buy a new car and how cars for cars company help us in future for getting the most of the cash for our old vehicle? Every car owner has a different taste and style to drive with it. If some new models are coming, they love to buy and sell their scrap cars and make it into cash to purchase a new car.  We help to pay out more cash to you and help you to purchase your dream new car.

If your car has an aging problem, mechanical problems, or shifting your car to a new very distant place, opt for us to sell your old cars for cash south and north. For many of us, a car is a social symbol, so if you want to change your old cars for cash and purchase your new car for better features and driving experience and luxury lifestyle then reach us now.

If your cars run more than 50000 kilometers, you will be old and got older than normal. If your car is stuck in the water and affected by the flood, your car will be damaged and goes unused condition. So you don’t have any other option than sell your cars for cash. Then consider us for better cash.

When choosing Cash4Cars, you can get cash for your:

  • Used and beat up van
  • Truck that has been ruined in an accident

  • Nonfunctioning car
  • Wrecked Motorcycle

  • Rusted and battered Ute
  • Damaged SUV

Regardless of your vehicle’s condition, give us a call at 04-0108-3835 and find out just how much you can make from having Cash 4 Cars take care of the removal.

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We accept all makes including












There’s no reason why you should have to wait weeks to cash in on your unwanted vehicle. At Cash4Cars Services, we offer on-the-spot payment- That’s money in your pocket the minute that we’re in possession of your unwanted car. We don’t believe there should be any hassle when it comes to receiving your cash and thus, we make things simple. If you’ve got an old vehicle on your hands and could really use the cash, calling us is a good way to liquidate an asset you thought was worthless.

With our free, no obligations cash offer, you can hear the astonishing figure that we’re willing to pay for your unwanted car. In the case that you’re ready to take the offer, we’re available around the clock to get the job done.

All you’ll need to do to get the process rolling is to give us a few details on your vehicle, including the:

  • model
  • make
  • age
  • condition


Whether you’re the owner of a bigger unwanted vehicle like a Truck or Van, or in possession of a damaged SUV or Ute, Cash 4 Cars can help. No matter the size, our experts are adequately equipped to deal with your vehicle’s removal. As we’re a team comprised of experts, you can guarantee that the entire process, from the appraisal to the transportation, will run smoothly.


By calling Cash 4 Cars, you’ll be getting in contact with a reputable company. The car wreckers who are a part of Cash 4 Cars know just the measures to take when it comes to making the most out of even the most worthless cars. Scrap, junk, damaged, or wrecked, you can get cash for it today!


There’s no cost associated with removals carried out by Cash 4  Cars. We’re happy to pick your vehicle up for free and to give you hard-cold cash on the spot. Look forward to earning up to $15000 on your unwanted vehicle when you call 04-0108-3835.


When it comes to car removals, we’re the experts that can be trusted. Having worked in this industry for a large number of years, we’ve acquired a strong network that makes our job that much easier and our impact that much greater.


  • We make things simple for our customers. If you’d like to get a free, no obligations cash offer there are just a few simple steps that need to be taken.
  • Firstly, you can give us a call and speak with an appraiser about your unwanted vehicle.
  • The other option includes completing the ‘Instant Cash Offer’ form on our website.
  • Both ways yield exceptionally quick results and in no time, you’ll find out just how much your car, 4×4, SUV, or other vehicle is worth.

Calling Cash 4 Cars at 04-0108-3835 and scheduling a removal is one of the fastest ways to get cash for your scrap car.

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